Community health advocacy

Secure health care policies that prioritize the needs and well-being of North Carolina consumers, especially with respect to the implementation of Affordable Care Act and NC Medicaid Reform. Provide information to health care consumers, community members, and stakeholders so that they are empowered to become health care advocates. Serve as a voice for health equity.

Community health advocacy

DPHOs have worked to promote health equity and reduce health disparities by providing resources, programs and attention to these neighborhoods.

A conversation about workers, communities and social justice

These offices have played a critical role in bringing together the stakeholders needed to address health inequities, including government policymakers, health professionals, researchers and community groups.

This model offers three key strategies: Co-location of services to better serve the community, eliminate gaps, and reduce duplication Innovation in programs and policies by using data and evidence-informed practices, as well as community expertise, to address health and the root causes of illness and disease.

Bringing diverse groups together to create action items to change unjust structures, systems, and policies and maximize the opportunities for change.

Expanding high-quality clinical care in order to address the causes of high premature mortality rates — heart disease, HIV and drugs.

Community health advocacy

Linking residents to critical social support services and health education to advance patient treatment, utilizing Neighborhood Navigators to coordinate care. Addressing root causes of health inequities, including the physical environment, structural racism, housing and employment.

Reducing the duplication of efforts and closing service gaps by coordinating the efforts of the many clinical and community-based partners working in each neighborhood.Enjoy heavy pupus and great company while learning about community health issues in our state.

All attendees will receive a hard copy of the Legislative Recap. This is a great opportunity to network with partners, funders, advocates, and policy makers.

Promoting and Protecting the City's Health

Community Health Advocate The Springfield-Greene County Health Department (SGCHD) Community Health Advocate program currently focuses on two identified health priorities: heart disease through non-intrusive blood pressure screenings and facilitating access to care through local healthcare partnerships.

Oct 28,  · The Harlem Health Advocacy Partnership (HHAP) is a DOHMH funded community health worker demonstration project aimed at reducing the rates of diabetes, hypertension, and asthma in the East and Central Harlem NYCHA community.

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Health Center Advocacy Network

The strategies of advocacy are of course put to good use by interests determined to oppose public health initiatives as well as by risk phobics set on spreading community anxiety about agents that any rational assessment would conclude to pose exquisitely miniscule risk.

Advocacy. Our government affairs staff works closely with the Virginia General Assembly, members of Congress and other government agencies and partner organizations to provide input on legislation and policies that affect CHCs across the state.

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