How to write a gcse design specification

Finished mine this week, great stuff lol! After you have written about your development ideas, you then have to make a 'specific product specification'. I'm assuming when you were given your design brief which one did you choose btw?

How to write a gcse design specification

We can make a code block repeat either for a given number of repetitions or continuously either for as long as a condition continues to be true or until a condition becomes true. We specify a counter variable and set it to an initial value and then specify an end value.

After every iteration of the loop the counter variable is automatically incremented by 1.

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In the following example x starts at 1 and increases by 1 every time the code repeats until it reaches a value of 10, then the loop will terminate.

The condition is not checked until after the code has run once, so regardless of whether the condition is true or not the code will always run at least once. The following example will continue to take user input until the user inputs a value less than This structure is often used for validation checks.

However the while loop checks the condition prior to running the first time. If the condition is not true then the code block will never run. The below example is also used for input validation.

They are used to describe an algorithm in the form of a diagram.

GCSE graphics coursework documents

Different symbols are used to represent the different structures described above.GCSE Bitesize Examinations Design and Technology Resistant Materials Specimen Paper Time allowed: 1 Hour 30 minutes Maximum marks: 85 Context: Many homes and offices find that keeping a desk organised is difficult.

There is a Question 2 - Writing a Design Specification. AQA GCSE - Unit 3 (P3,B3,C3) New specification papers.

how to write a gcse design specification

What was your easiest GCSE exam - and what was your In the eye's of a GCSE student - AQA Specimen ». Good reasons to use a sketchbook for GCSE Photography Good reasons to use a blog for GCSE Photography You like to work in a more tactile way – arranging, sticking work in, writing by hand etc.

Comparing involves directly linking texts through their similarities and differences. It is important to move equally between the two texts, and write about them together, not separately. Welcome to GCSE graphic coursework document pages! Below is a range of useful documents for pupils currently taking GCSE graphics.

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