The canadian authors meet essay

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The canadian authors meet essay

Scott, as one of the founding members of the Montreal Group, was opposed to the Romantic and Victorian style of poetry, and he felt that Canada desperately needed to catch up with the rest of the world in exploring modernism.

The poem itself is satirical in its very structure; Scott uses the simple AB rhyme scheme throughout the poem to mock the simplicity of the poetry to which Canadian poets were bound. The opening lines of the poem set up the setting: The term puppet starts off the poem with a strong image, as puppets are controlled objects, usually by a puppet master.

As a result, puppets cannot think, move, or speak for themselves. Additionally, the act of percolating is to spread an idea through a group of people, while self-unction refers to religious anointment.

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In the opening line alone, Scott suggests that the CAA are a group who cannot think for themselves and cannot come up with their own original ideas, which is why they strongly reject modernism.

However, they all collectively believe that they are all-knowing and that their opinions are the right ones. The Prince of Wales stands out because the position is one of an heir to the reigning monarch; they do not have power until they take the throne.

Scott has the group meeting underneath a portrait of the Prince of Wales to symbolize that the group may think they are powerful, but they are really only second to actual poets who can create modern art. Scott believed in poetry that was accessible to the masses and that addressed social issues.

The next section of the poem focuses on the issue of gender in modernism. While Scott was writing, the CAA was composed of mostly middle-class, middle-aged women who shared anti-modernist sentiments.

Here, Scott uses crude humour to depict the women as old and dried up. The commentary Scott makes is that the women of the CAA are unable to understand modernism, yet they continue to have strong anti-modernist sentiments.

The poem quickly switches from gender social issues back to the issue of outdated Canadian poetry. These men are all very influential Canadian poets, who wrote Victorian and Romantic poetry, something to which Scott was opposed.

Roberts, and Duncan Campbell Scott, as they are the four main Confederation poets.

The canadian authors meet essay

However, there is a comma separating Campbell and Scott, which could mean that the author is referring to William Wilfred Campbell and Frederick George Scott, who is F.

It is curious that Scott leaves this ambiguity up to the reader to determine which Scott he is referring to. Perhaps he did not openly want to insult his father, but he still wanted to leave an undertone, because he is breaking away from not only from his father, but from the style of writing he believes is outdated.

Scott generally believed in writing for the masses, yet this single line is arguably written for other poets to interpret and discuss.

By definition, the term "literati" refers to people who read or comment on literature, which perfectly and pompously defines the CAA. For Scott, the CAA should not hold power over Canadian authorship because poetry is meant for everyone, not just the elite.

In the second-last verse, Scott takes his satire even further by reducing the CAA to children mindlessly playing games.

By evoking this nursery rhyme, Scott is likening the CAA to children, and belittling their negative opinions of modernism. Eliot uses the same nursery rhyme, but adds his own dark twist. The Montreal Group was heavily influenced by Eliot, and it is no coincidence that Scott chooses to use the same nursery rhyme as Eliot to satirize the CAA and to bring modernism to Canada.

Women, Literature, and the Left in s Canada. University of Toronto Press, Aestheticism and the Canadian Modernists: Aspects of a Poetic Influence. History Research Essay: Canadian Veteran Recognition CHC 1D0-C April 18, The acts of recognition fill many aspects of the lives of Canadian war veterans.

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The Canadian Modernists Meet

The Canadian Authors Meet. F. R. Scott From: Overture. Toronto: Ryerson Press, Expansive puppets percolate self-unction Beneath a portrait of the Prince of Wales.

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