Touched by kindness

Early stages of her life[ edit ] St. Bernadette was born on 7 January and baptized at the local parish church, St. Pierre's, on 9 January, her parents' wedding anniversary. Bernadette's godmother was Bernarde Casterot, her mother's sister, a moderately wealthy widow who owned a tavern.

Touched by kindness

On May 21, aderommie wrote: On Jan 6, howard wideman wrote: Post Your Reply On Sep 24, fae kontje-gibbs wrote: This came to me through a string of friends sharing poetry on facebook Laundry folded with love is healing.

I heard you read, Naomi, on Martha's Vineyard 2 summers ago and you speak to my life heart mind experience. Thank you gifted one for having the courage to share it.

Blessings, fae-kontje-gibbs On Dec 31, mimi nardini wrote: My brother's best friend died and only this poem gave him and us small comfort and we love it and it rings in us like deep bells of sadness. Post Your Reply On Jan 22, julimac wrote: This is a killer poem.

It stops me dead in my tracks, pierces to that "other deepest thing" and brings me back to myself. On Sep 13, ana wrote: What a powerful poem.

Grateful to learn of this wonderful poet.

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On Jul 7, Claudia Cumming wrote: Amazing is all I can say. Naomi is as true and genuine a person as her words.

Touched by kindness

Her poem on kindness is timeless, especially today with the immigration issues we are facing. Simple kindness is indeed often expressed more freely by those who have the least. I see that at our Kuykendall Scholarship Bake Sales where we raise money for bright African-American seniors to receive scholarships to "jump start" their higher education.

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Some folks who can least afford it are always the ones who come to the bake sale and buy the most. And so far, it's been working for eleven years! Post Your Reply On Apr 23, susan wrote: Ohmygoodness, I await the delivery of the weekly iJourney read with delightful anticipation!

This weeks iJourney read, I am reminded of the engagement received at the Wednesday gatherings, the peaceful quiet of the Mehta family home and sharing of thoughts and feelings and ideas.

I have deep and incredible gratitude for the many kindnesses shared with me, my family and those I love.

Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)

Those that share a kindness with me inspire me to reciprocate within my world, and I do.Cam Newton was spotted giving food to a homeless man the night before last week's preseason opener in Baltimore. Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things, feel the future dissolve in a moment like salt in a weakened broth.

What you held in your hand. An act of kindness went viral after an employee stopped what he was doing to let a special needs customer help him with his workload on Sunday. The clerk has now been rewarded with $, for.

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Touched by kindness in Turkey. By: daviniaed. November 3, Categories: Articles. No Comments. Tweet. The clocks have changed and, as winter approaches, many of us think about escaping to sunnier parts of the world. Travelling is a great way to get a rest from the challenges of work, explore different cultures, learn about the lives of our.

Kindness in Islam: When a flower blooms, its colour and scent first touch the garden near it, and then spread. In the same way, a Muslim's acts of human kindness should first touch those nearest to him, his family and his neighbours.

Touched by Kindness offers several examples of simple every day acts that illustrate the basic good present in most people all over the world.

Set in both far away exotic places, and right in the local neighborhood, the stories illustrate a common love that runs throughout humanity all over the world.5/5(3).

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